Adelaide Playgroup at The Beachouse

Adelaide Playgroup - The Beachouse

Adelaide Playgroup at The Beachouse

Looking for an Adelaide playgroup? The Beachouse is the perfect spot for mums to meet and kids to learn and play. Playgroups provide an opportunity for children to play and learn. Below the age of five, children got through an accelerated stage of skill development. Because of this, it’s important that children have a space to play, learn and grow.

The Beachouse - Adelaide Playgroup

Why Playgroup?

Playgroup allows children to meet other children, learn, explore and develop their skills. It’s also an opportunity for mums and dads to share thoughts, ideas and/or struggles.

Benefits of Playgroup:

Playgroup allows kids to:

  • Interact socially.
  • Play and learn.
  • Practice their language and communication skills.
  • Participate in group activities or team work.
  • Feel stimulated in a new environment where they can improve or develop a skill.
  • Access toys, equipment and tools to facilitate learning.
  • Feel safe in a supervised area.

The Beachouse - Adelaide Playgroup

Playgroup allows adults to:

  • Play with their kids.
  • Interact with other adults.
  • Share experiences with other mums and dads.
  • Get into a routine of getting out and about to explore and learn.
  • Get involved in the community.

The Beachouse - Adelaide Playgroup

Child Development at The Beachouse

Physical Development

The Beachouse’s play area has climbing nets, walls and slides. Jungle gyms or play areas like this assist with your child’s physical development.

Regular exercise on a jungle gym can improve hand-eye coordination. It also stimulates the body to maintain strength, posture and muscles, helping develop and tone your child’s body. It also helps balance and concentration if climbing is involved.

It also helps the imagination. Kids tend to pretend they’re in a whole new world when they are playing. From princesses in a castle to superheroes in a big city – we’ve heard it all!

One of the main benefits is that it gives mums and dads a rest!

The Beachouse - Adelaide Playgroup - Jungle Gym Adelaide

Concentration and Skill

Our mini golf green is a good place to teach your child focus, aiming and control. Of course, it’s also lots of fun! Depending on the age of your child, you could even use it as a math skill exercise to track and count the scores.

The Beachouse - Adelaidde Playgroup - Min Golf Adelaide

Fun and Interaction

The play area, games and rides encourage interaction with other kids. Social interaction is important for kids as it helps develop their language and communication skills. It also assists in teaching the importance of team work. It helps your little one understand how their personality fits into the world by subconsciously comparing it to others. The Beachouse’s rides and games can encourage skill development:

  • Shooting a basketball into a hoop
  • Hand-eye coordination with ‘Whack-a-Croc’
  • Following the lights on the ‘Dance Revolution’

The Beachouse - Adelaide Playgroup

We’ve got the space, games, coffee and safety. The four essentials for a good playgroup space! Organise a your next kids playgroup at The Beachouse!