Top 5 Kid’s Party Ideas

Kid's Party Ideas - Glow Party

Top 5 Kid’s Party Ideas

1. Glow in the dark parties (age 8 – 12)

Turn your home into a funky disco room with some tunes, glow sticks, glow in the dark paint and throw a glow in the dark party! Set an all-black dress code and chuck a UV light up to really make the glow pop. Get the kids to paint white T-shirts as an activity and party favour.

Kid's Party Ideas - Glow Party

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2. Drive in cinema (age 4 – 6)

Pick up some old empty boxes and set up a drive in cinema in your front room or backyard. Give the kids some coloured crayons to decorate their boxes and paste on black paper plates for wheels and a steering wheel.

Kid's Party Ideas - Drive In Cinema

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3. Explorers! (age 3 – 5)

Get creative with recycled materials and create an epic explorer themed party.

  • Use sheets, scrap materials and poles to build teepees.
  • Build binoculars with used toilet rolls.
  • Get some cardboard, paints and crayons to get the kids to create their own maps with.
  • Finally, set up a treasure hunt in the garden, hiding sweets and explorer themed toys.
Kid's Party Ideas - Explorers

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4. Outdoor cinema (age 11 upwards)

Turn your back garden into a cosy outdoor cinema. Hire or borrow a projector to project a film from your laptop onto a white sheet or projector board. Throw down some blankets, pillows and picnic baskets with treats for the kids. If the night is chilly – start a fire up and supply ingredients to make smores – a traditional night time camping treat.

  • Get a Marie or McVities biscuit and place a piece of chocolate of your choice on it.
  • Roast a marshmallow over the campfire on a stick.
  • Pop the marshmallow onto the chocolate and let it melt.
  • Finally place another biscuit on top to make a smore sandwich!
Kid's Party Ideas - Outdoor Cinema

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5. Step right up with a carnival themed party!

A bit of work but a really fun idea to have a carnival themed party in your backyard. Make popcorn and fairy floss, have a tattoo and face paint station and create DIY games like balloon darts and duck
net catching as games. Make tokens out of cardboard that the kids can collect and cash in for their treat bag at the end.

Kid's Party Ideas - Carnival

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